Engagement Story

Her Story...James and I met over 15 years ago in High School, but never dated and over the years we lost track of each other.  During those years we both married other people, had children and also both divorced.  We re-connected on Facebook through a mutual friend and eventually started talking again, it was like we never lost touch.  One day he asked me if I would like to start dating.  I was a little worried at first thinking he may not want to take on a relationship with someone who had five children from a previous marriage but with seven children between us, everyone just blended together perfectly.  

On April 6, 2013, I took two of our children to a 4-H meeting while James stayed home with the other children.  When I arrived home I was upset over an incident with one of the kiddos.  I was upstairs in our bedroom folding laundry and feeling down when that same child came in and told me that James wanted me to go down stairs to the family room.  My reply was “No, he just wants to try and cheer me up right now and I am really not in the mood.” My son then said, “No mom you need to come downstairs because there is a surprise for you” and ran downstairs.  So I stopped folding clothes and went downstairs to see what James had for a surprise.  Once I got down to the family room I saw each one of our kids holding the signs that read “Kami, let’s do forever and marry me.”  Behind me, James, was down on one knee with the ring in his hands and tears in his eyes.  I began to cry, hugged him and then one of my girls began to cry. There were lots of tears and excitement and once everyone calmed down a little, I said “Yes!”  Our proposal could not have been any more perfect.

His Story...April 6, 2013, Kami and I made the kiddos breakfast and helped everyone get ready for the day.  Kami was taking two of them to 4H, so once she was out the door I put my plan into action.  I called the kiddos upstairs to help me make signs.  I wanted seven signs total so there would be one sign per child.  The signs read,  “Kami lets do forever and marry me.”  I drew out the words on each sheet of paper and the kids colored them.  Once the signs were completed I brought them and the ring downstairs and put them in a hidden place.  It seemed like an eternity before Kami returned home and I was wondering if my plan would come together.  When she finally arrived home, I became even more nervous.  Kami was upset with one of the kiddos and was in our bedroom, lights off, door closed.  At this moment I was thinking "Oh no, this is just great!"  I went in and consoled Kami for a few minutes then went out to another room to weigh my decision of "horrible timing, postpone" vs. "you love her, DO IT". 


I made my decision, gathered the children and told them the plan was still on.  While handing out the signs, Mitche, the one to hold the the “me” sign, wanted nothing to do with it, so I kept the sign for myself.  I sent William, who had upset Kami, to apologize, give her a hug and kiss and then ask her to come downstairs.  William went upstairs and but came back alone saying “Mommy doesn’t want to come downstairs right now.”  I started to second guess things again but stayed determined and said “William tell mommy James says it is really important, she needs to come downstairs”.  Kami then came downstairs and I asked her to come into the family room. She came over to where I stood and I positioned her in front of me so she could see all the kids on the couch.


As the kiddos revealed their signs one at a time, I kneeled down behind her holding the "me" sign and the ring.  Once she turned around, I asked her to be my wife. That is my chaotic and crazy, yet turned out perfectly amazing proposal story!

My engagement ring was a heart shaped ring with a diamond in the middle and smaller ones on each side, and was purchased at Helzberg Diamonds.  We also took my great grandmother’s gold wedding band in to The Gem Den in St. James, MN and had a stone placed on it, which also be part of my wedding ring set.

We have a private ceremony scheduled for October 25, 2014 with ourselves, our children, 2 witnesses and our parents at the Little Brown Church in the Vale.  Our reception/dance will be on April 11, 2015 at the Mankato Eagles Club

Wedding colors will reflect our love of football and our team rivalry.  James and 2 of our children like the Green Bay Packers, and  Kami and the others cheer for the Minnesota Vikings.

Look forward to more details from this fun couple after their reception next spring!

| Photograhphy: MCreations and Photography by Kamra | Engagement Ring: Helzberg Diamonds |

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