Ring selfies are becoming a must for the newly engaged.

Be ready with this list of tips and hints for
capturing and sharing the best looking ring shot.


  • Clean, freshly manicured nails.  If you are caught off guard with a surprise proposal, be creative with tucking those chipped-polish nails away.  Wrap them into your palm or around your fiancé with your fingertips cleverly tucked into his shirt.

  • Moisturize your hands and cuticles.  Moisturizers will rid your hands of dry skin and brighten your skin.  Massaging the lotion into your skin helps stimulate the circulation which will decrease puffiness and improve skin color. 

  • Hold onto something.A glass of wine, a cup of coffee or your fiancé, hold something.  Having your fingers curved helps draw attention to your ring and tightens the skin on your fingers.  This is a bonus if you need to conceal un-manicured or chipped-polish nails.

  • Be conscious of the background.  Not only do you want to avoid seeing something unexpected show up in the background, but you may want to capture the background if you happen to be in a scenic or significant location.

  • Natural lighting is always the best option.  To show off the sparkle of your new bauble, take a trip outside or go near a window.

  • Experiment with the angle.  Your ring appearance will change with different angles, find the one you like best.  If your ring has unique features, capture the angle that shows off your favorite feature(s) of the ring.

  • Don’t use the zoom on your phone.  The lighting and quality of your picture will be better from a distance, you can always crop or apply an image filter later.

  • Share with close family first and privately.After immediate family is in the know, let the social media world know!  Include a hashtag you can use through your engagement and wedding to easily group and find these posts.

People will want to see your ring up close and personal, be prepared.  Keep your hands moisturized and your nails manicured.  Nail wraps like Jamberry Nails are an excellent option for keeping your nails looking freshly polished and chip free for weeks at a time.  Taking these steps will also ready your hands for professional shots during your engagement session.



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